Friday, October 21, 2011


A quick survey of the 12 members who attended the Genealogy meeting on Tuesday shows that:

5 are searching in Germany, 4 in Ireland, 2 each in England and Slovakia, and 1 in Scotland.

6 the 1800's; 3 the 1700's; 1 is searching as early as the 1600's; 1 the 1900's.

3 have been doing genealogy for less than 5 years; 3 for 8-10 years; 3 15 years or more and 2 unknown

2 use Ancestry; 2 (including me) use FTM; 2 use PAF; 2 use a computer without any specific program, 1 uses Legacy, and 1 depends on relatives.

1 did not indicate how records are managed

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This blog is for OC Genealogy members to share information about their triumphs and brick walls as they conduct their research. I will try to share pertinent information about the group from time to time and ask that members feel free to share any questions or information that they may have.

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